Digital Video Production


We specialize in directing and producing digital films for web and broadcast, promotional and corporate films, documentaries, digital content including 2D and 3D animation


The idea for Cirque was initiated in 2014 in Dubai, to establish an integrated production company. We are creatively driven, creating experiences.

Working across four key disciplines of digital, film, animation and experiential we combine all  our expertise and varied skill-sets to deliver something special for each of our clients

Cirque Films Showreel

Cirque Films Showreel



At Cirque, our digital films quality is equivalent to broadcast films and commercials. We work closely with brands to understand their individual ethos, image and voice; allowing us to act as your very own in-house video production department while breathing life into your ideas.



Animation is a highly effective tool to deliver complex messaging in an engaging and easy to understand manner. Our full service and results driven approach will ensure that your film meets all objectives and messaging. We take charge of the project from developing the concept, scripting, storyboarding, production design, voiceovers, and anything else your animation needs.


With online videos becoming an integral part of social media, highly polished social media video production is a big asset for any online marketing campaign. Cirque Films can help you with your social media video marketing, creating videos or films that will get people’s attention and make them watch instead of scrolling away. We may not be known primarily as a social media video production company, but we can definitely help you create social media videos that are worth sharing and capable of driving your business forward.


Let's Work Together

The best films start with a really good conversation. Tell us your story, immerse us in the detail and we’ll come up with ideas that will tell it in a way your audience won’t forget.

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